Pricing Table

Ylopo Full Tech-Suite

"Just the Tech Please"

(No Digital Marketing)

Full Tech Suite + Ylopo "Starter"

"Gimme Some Leads"

(Remarketing + LRs)

Full Tech Suite + Ylopo CDMP

"Let's Go Big!"

Full Suite Digital Marketing

Product Designed For: People who don't want more leads Solo agents and very small teams Small, Medium, and Large Teams
Tech Platform Fee(90 days notice) $295 $495 $795
Setup Fee $500(discounted from $1000) $600(discounted from $1200) $750(discounted from $1500)
Lender Contribution Allowable 33% 50% 50%
Number of agents allowed on the platform "Unlimited" up to 10 agents "Unlimited" up to 25 agents "Unlimited" up to 40 agents
Total Marketing Budget Cap (Tier II geo) Not Included $300 $600
Total Remarketing and Branded
"Digital Billboard" Budget Cap
Not Included $300(inclusive of Branded Ads) $600(inclusive of Branded Ads)
Total Branded "Digital Billboard" Budget Cap (Tier II geo) Not Included $300(inclusive of Branded Ads) $600(inclusive of Branded Ads)
Marketing Services Fee (to cover CC fee's, FB accounts, etc.) Not Included 10% 10%
All in Costs (assuming full budget spent) $295 $795 $1,395
Expected Leads Generated at All in Cost 0 45-60 90-110
Ylopo Mission Control Not Included YES YES
Fully Customizable Branded Site YES YES YES
Ylopo Syndicated Content & Blog Machine NO YES YES
Local SEO NO Future Service (In Testing) Future Service (In Testing)
Priority Lead Notifications YES YES YES
Lead Nurture: Dynamic Listing Alerts YES YES YES
Lead Nurture: Behavioral & Auto Texting YES YES YES
Remarketing/Retargeting NO YES YES
Listing Rocket(Listing Lifecycle Ad Campaigns) Not Included Limited (Up to 3 Active LRs) Unlimited LRs
"Digital Billboard" Branded Ad Campaigns Not Included YES YES
Lead Filtration Not Included YES YES
Demographic Ad Targeting Not Included YES YES
Continual Ylopo Designed
"Dynamic Real Estate" Ad Campaigns
Not Included Limited (Up to 1 Dynamic Ad) Yes, unlimited
Client Designed Custom Campaigns   Not Included YES
Managed Digital Marketing Services Not Included YES YES