Your automated ISA

YAISA engages and qualifies both new and past leads 24/7-365, all fully integrated into your Ylopo platform.



Responses Interested


Responses, ready for agent follow up


Conversations happening daily


Average cost per message sent



When a new lead is generated or a past lead re-engages, YAISA immediately engages

  • We send or update your lead directly to your CRM of choice

  • Raiya immediately activates to text your lead

  • When they respond, Raiya will begin finding out about their home buying or selling needs

  • Ylopo texts you with every conversation so you can take over the communication anytime



What makes YAISA special? Automated & consistent engagement based on REAL home search data

We know how hard consistent lead follow up can be, that’s why Yaisa will consistently follow up with your lead a minimum of twice per month for as long as it takes for you to convert that prospect.

Texts that Yaisa sends leverages REAL home search data from your prospect, so our messages are both relevant and responsive to your lead’s behavior.



Best of all, everything is seamlessly integrated with your Ylopo Platform & your preferred CRM.

Yaisa not only can nurture leads generated by Ylopo, but also any other lead source that you import into our systems (ex. Portal leads, Craigslist, Sign Calls, etc)

Yaisa works perfectly with Ylopo Remarketing to re-engage your old lead database and convert them into active prospects!


Recording of A.I launch webinar


Features List

Save thousands over training/ paying for traditional ISA
Peace of mind knowing always working convertng.
Long Term nurture leads now make sense as they're always nurtured for you.
Performance only improves over time with more data and advacements with the algorithm
Huge efficiency and scale play opening up more options for you to grow.