Ylopo Academy LIVE

Atlanta Training Day Oct 25th, 2018

The following videos are recordings from our in-person training day in Atlanta. It’s a no fluff, hands-on deep-dive into the Ylopo systems. Learn everything you need to do to maximize your ROI using all the technology given to you at the highest level. This training is designed to help you make the best use of your time and close more deals than ever before.


Session #1 - Understanding the Ylopo Lead Lifecycle and Lead Conversion

A snapshot of the lead’s journey from seeing an ad to eventual conversion, and the right systems and processes to consistently turn your leads into conversions (Texting Texting Texting!!)


Session #2 - CRM Tips & Hacks

How to maximize your CRM efficiency with improved workflows, reporting, automation and more!


Session# 3 - Liva Monteforte & her system for success

Liva went from nearly cancelling Ylopo to doing over 10 million in deals the next year--and now uses Ylopo exclusively. This presentation reviews the system she’s built to do all this with just a small team.

Session# 4 - How to inspire your team and hold them accountable

Whether you’re a team of 1, 3, or 30, learning better time management and having accountability in all aspects of your business is imperative.

Session# 5 - How to win and keep listings

The old saying, “You list to last” is still true. Ylopo tools help you to level up and grow with sellers (and a preview of the Ylopo Seller Suite product!).

Session# 6 - Branded Website Tips & Tricks

How to Maximize your branded website.