Use Ylopo's Squarespace Team


We charge at a minimum of 30 minutes – but if your request is 10 minutes or less, we’ll do it for free!

Our team is always working on new designs, layout improvements, and strong content for your websites. As our valued client, you get this at no extra cost – but if you have specific maintenance and design changes you would like to see done, you can have direct access to our team of professionals who can attend to your specific needs.

SquareSpace Maintenance Requests - $25 USD hr

This is for any updates to your branded website such as:

  • changing text images
  • updating team members
  • adding/removing communities

We will be adding several videos to our WorkPlace that can walk you through these. And don’t worry – the back end of SquareSpace is very easy to work with. However, we’ll be happy to also answer any questions if you get stuck.

You will not be charged for any project management time. We guarantee that this is not a profit center, and our teams are purely designed to help our clients get everything they need done in the smoothest way possible.

Turnaround time for requests is 1 – 2 days. If it takes longer, we’ll write to you within the first 24 hours with an expected time of completion.

SquareSpace Design Requests - $75 USD hr

Typical design requests may consist of having a complete custom design webpage/s built for your site. We can customize almost any page, just submit your request and we'll give you a quote on the amount of time you can expect the team to complete it.

Also here’s the link with many how-to videos that can help you get started…

This includes design work + its implementation.

Thanks kindly,

Team Ylopo.