Lead Generation


In the hyper-competitive and continually changing real estate digital marketing world, staying in front of your competition is a constant challenge.  With Ylopo, you get cutting-edge lead generation combined with the ease of use of a “set it and forget it” digital marketing dashboard called Ylopo Mission Control.


Dynamic Real Estate Ads

Buyers want to engage with real homes that match their home buying needs. More importantly, they want to see it in real time. Ylopo uses the latest cutting-edge Facebook marketing technology, paired with clever messaging, to show prospects actual REAL inventory dynamically on their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds. At Ylopo, we are unparalleled at targeting the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT homes.


 We Leverage the Power of Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are designed specifically for advertisers focused on lead generation. Why are they so powerful? Lead ads load instantly on Facebook on both mobile and desktop (no load time!) and pull in the REAL contact information of the lead straight from their Facebook profiles. Ylopo's proprietary integration with Facebook Lead Ads means we save you all of the work of having to manually create lead ads (15-30 minutes for each ad). Once a prospect registers, our unique integration with Facebook allows us to seamlessly connect the user to your home search website, showing them the most relevant homes while we capture all of their browsing behavior.

Digital Billboard Ads

Building and growing your online brand is fully automated right inside our platform!  With Ylopo Digital Billboard ads, you can easily remarket to your database or showcase your brand to any zip code, neighborhood, or city so you can stay top-of-mind in front of your sphere and market. Ylopo shows your entire targeted audience a fresh and exciting educational ad that highlights your brand every single week!