Lead Nurture


Sometimes it can take months to convert an online lead into a serious buyer or seller.  With time being your most precious commodity, you need a platform that automatically nurtures leads on your behalf across multiple channels, notifies you of the best time to engage with your prospect, and generates the best content to attract their attention.



It’s not enough to send static email listing alerts to your buyers. You need to engage them in the places where they spend the most time - their social networks! Ylopo analyzes every home that each buyer clicks through to view and not only develops a personalized listing alert for each user, we also send our listing alerts directly into Facebook via Dynamic Ads for Real Estate (DARE). These ads show each prospect the most relevant listings RIGHT on their newsfeed. The industry’s first listing alert directly on social media!



 Priority Notifications

Ylopo’s priority lead notification platform assesses each one of your lead’s home search behavior to let you know the exact moment you should contact them to build a connection. Our priority lead algorithms continuously score each lead based on their activity, while the system immediately notifies you as soon as they exhibit high priority home search behavior.


Behavioral Texting - We Talk to Leads so you don't Have to

When you have a database of hundreds, if not thousands of leads, it’s hard (if not impossible) to keep up with daily lead follow up. With Ylopo, you will have an “assistant” watching your leads all the time and texts your highest priority leads on your behalf – automatically! Imagine how happy you’ll be when you get a text response from a lead who wants to go see a home and you didn’t even text them yourself – all because the Ylopo system did it for you!

Features List


Automatically Import Leads from Other Sources


Use Dynamic Remarketing (DARE)  to 2x Lead Engagement


Intelligent Listing Alerts


Automated Intelligent Behavioral Texting

Ylopo Priority Notifications