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Our mobile-optimized IDX home search website is the hub of your buyer's home search activity.  Delight your consumers with a clean and beautiful site design, as you gather 24/7 intelligence on their search behavior to hone in on exactly what each buyer wants to see!


Mobile Optimized
Search Site

Over 61% of online home search happens on mobile. Using the latest technologies in digital marketing to ensure the fastest and most streamlined IDX experience on the market, we have designed the Ylopo IDX home search from the ground up to be “mobile first”!


Built For lead Generation

Generating high-quality buyer and seller leads is more than just creating a lead registration form for users to fill out.  Our cutting-edge conversion platform ADAPTS the messaging, lead registration user flow, registration questions, and contact information capture form based on where each of the leads came from, as well as how they interacted with our home search.


Website Designed for Offers

Convince buyers to work with you in an unobstructed and integrated way right inside your home search!  Ylopo’s Branded Advertising Message Boxes allow you and your advertising partners to showcase your brand and your unique selling propositions directly in the consumer’s home search experience (your private newsfeed ads!).  Your Lender Advertising Partner will love the exclusive exposure!

Features List


Continuous Listings Updated


Multiple Feed Support


Optimized for Lead Generation


100+ Advanced Search Features

Mobile Optimized From the Ground Up


Customizable Branded Ads