People always ask us, “Hey, what the heck does Ylopo mean?”  Well, Ylopo is actually the last 5 letters of the word Monopoly spelled backwards symbolizing how we’re turning the ultimate game of real estate on its head!

Howard Tager, co-founder and CEO of Ylopo, was also the co-founder and CEO of TigerLead Solutions which he had started in 2007 and which, at the time, was considered the pioneer and leader of real estate digital marketing.   But now it’s Ylopo that has become the leader in the field and the “Future of Real Estate Technology”!

With over a decade of experience in the real estate industry Howard is now back alongside Juefeng Ge, former head of digital marketing for TigerLead and now co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Ylopo, to leverage the latest and most effective technological advancements in the field to help Ylopo’s clients generate more business and better promote their team, brand, and listings across the entire digital landscape.



Deep Industry

Ylopo consists of a team with over 50+ years of combined experience in real estate technology, programming, digital marketing, and customer support. At Ylopo, you can trust that you are working with deep industry experts and unparalleled technology development, performance marketing, and client success teams.


Digital Marketing

While real estate technology has seemingly stood still for the last few years, internet technology has actually made enormous strides over the last decade. Social media marketing, targeted demographic and psychographic advertising, big data, artificial intelligence, and the list goes on! We understand the power of these cutting edge, new technologies and our team has been quite busy incorporating these latest innovations to our Total Digital Marketing Solution.


Enterprise Grade

Our development team is led by senior technical leadership that has built and maintained enterprise level technology for multi-billion dollar companies. Our systems are built with the latest and best technology, but also with scale in mind. You can always count on your systems to be reliable, secure & cutting edge.


Co-Founder, CEO
Co-Founder , CMO
Chris Soto
Edwina Loh
Director of Marketing, Planning & Analytics
Ben Arwin
Aaron Franklin
Head of Growth
Danielle Carne
Director of Client Success
Myra Davis
Client Success Manager
Emily Sipchen
Sr Director of Operations
Jake Tager
Sales Executive
David Baca
Data Scientist
Mi Chaing
Nick Dresselhaus
Damien Otis
Ryan Maw
Jake Maurer
Sean Purtill
Head of Sales
Ryan Hailey
Barry Jenkins
Realtor in Residence
Racheal Mayhugh
Client Success
Ang Lim
Client Success
Erin Drusbask
Client Success
Kelly Boike
Client Success
Frank Aguirre
Client Success
Nick Vargo Fiedler
Client Success Team Lead