Ylopo Timeline

"I've never seen more change happening more quickly than right now in Real Estate. I’ve never seen more really big, well-funded companies coming into the space and looking to disrupt the industry and disintermediate the traditional agent-consumer relationship. Our core mission at Ylopo is to empower real estate agents to win and win big with the most advanced digital marketing technologies that even the big new players wish they had!"
~ Howard Tager, CEO Ylopo

Ylopo begins pilot with real estate teams

Ylopo integrates with Follow Up Boss

Ylopo releases industry first Facebook Lead Ads experience

Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

Ylopo releases Dynamic Ads for Real Estate for all it's clients

Ylopo launches Mission Control marketing platform

Company grows 110% over 2016

Facebook case study #1 - carousel lead ads

Ylopo launches Behavioural texting

Ylopo integrates with LionDesk

Facebook case study #2 - Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

Nominated most innovative tech company by Inman

Facebook case study #3 - Dynamic Ads for Real Estate #2

Company grows 120% over 2017

Ylopo Releases A.I beta for lead follow up

Beta test seller suite

Move to new Santa Monica Offices

Ylopo Integrates with Firepoint

Launch Seller Suite

RAIYA - Your Automated ISA due to launch

DyVa (Dynamic video ads due to launch

AI assisted Pay Per Click marketing

Limited Edition Recruiting Product

Company on track to grow over 110-150% over 2018