Dynamic Ads for Real Estate


Facebook Catalog Ads that are driven from Agents IDX feeds to make sure you're always showing the right homes to the right people at the right time. 


Ads that perform better over time…

Facebooks DARE ads are all data driven and the longer you run these ads the better Facebook is at predicting the perfect homes for your leads and prospects. 

Dynamic catalog Ads originally were built for e-commerce then hospitality and now just released in Sept 2017 for Real Estate.

Fb ads for Ylopo Case Study-3.jpg

Case Study #1 - Lead Acquisition on Facebook - Home buyers and sellers aren't on Facebook to buy and sell homes, but they are on Facebook (92%, with 80% checking more than 4 x a day!) and we've figured out the formula to get their attention by adding value and making you look like a genius throughout the process.

We're able to get to them before they go to Google or Zillow so you can be their trusted resource and own that relationship for pennies on the dollar rather than being at the mercy of the big portals and competing with dozens of agents. (view full case study)

Case Study #2 - Highlights how we were able to import an old database of over 29,000 leads (all different sources, 80% Internet leads over last 3 years). And re-engage them with DARE ads (Dynamic Ads for Real Estate) by showing them the right properties (pulled from IDX feeds) at the right time. Always keeping the ads relevent and fresh. The ROI from this campaign was through the roof. (view full case study)

Lesson learned - If you have old leads that you haven't been able to communicate with now you can through Facebook DARE ads from Ylopo. 


0:58 - Trade Up example
2:47 - Lead Ads —> full logged in
3:19 - Landing Page (IDX Home Search Site) 
4:03 - CRM Integration
4:40 - Nurture Leads
5:05 - Intelligent Email Listing Alerts
5:25 - Facebook Integration
5:50 - Dynamic Remarketing -3-5 X more effective than industry standards for real estate ads
5:56 - How to own your prospects newsfeed from a real estate perspective
6:36 - Targeting dozens of demographic groups
7:12 - Priority Lead Alerts