REPLAY: Ylopo Success Summit 2018

To make things easy for you we've broken the recordings into chapters so you can jump directly to the sections that you're most interested in getting help with. 

Chapter 1: Opening Remarks

Why Lopo?

The question is why Ylopo.  Because change is coming. Change is the only constant in our business.  Ylopo’s Mission is to be looking around the corner...

We’re going to be the harbingers of change.  You will be the beneficiaries - around the corner of your competition.

Ylopo Statistics

(Howard Presents Facebook Case Study)

At Ylopo, we’re approaching 500 clients across the country.  Over 100 people are here today and between 200-250 people have streamed in.  That is an enormous percentage - and it warms my heart that you’re into it as much as we are.

This is a new Marketing game.  Everyone and everything else is in the past.  

Owning A Company

Every time I’ve had a company, I’ve looked for 4 things:

  1. Being intellectually challenged.  I want to get excited about work. No politics.  I don’t want to see a service my clients don’t want.  When a client upgrades - it means this client values what we do

  2. A great work environment.  A great culture. 45% of our staff have come from our previous companies.

  3. At some point - we should make money.  This isn’t a charity


The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.  I recognize that this (being at Summit) is a sacrifice. You all made a sacrifice to be here..



1.Ylopo is getting to them - at the top of the waterfall - before they dive into Redfin and Trulia - we making relationships with folks before they look into homes. We want to get to them first.

2. Keep them coming back.  How do we keep your leads and relationships coming back every day and every month?

3.Keep you brand in front of potential customers.  Ylopo aspires to be your only digital billboard


Social Media

We use social media before we search elsewhere.  Social media is the future - you have to have a foothold.  The power of Facebook is very exciting.

There are 83M homes in the US.  81M are reachable on Facebook.

Facebook knows within the last week if someone went to or Redfin.  They have all this data - and this is indirectly going into the Algorithm.

We’re able to showcase the right home to the right person at the right time


We need to change our mentality from Always Be Closing to Always Be Cultivating

A- Always

B- Be

C- Cultivating


Lead Nurture is as important as lead Generation

  • You never really know when someone is ready to buy or sell

  • People buy and sell Real Estate multiple times over their lives

  • Every 'dud' knows a 'stud' - nurture these leads for life!

Reframe the conversation from “leads” to “relationships”

  • ‘Lead’ is a dehumanizing term.  These are real people with families, goals, and aspirations!

  • Every person is a potential long-term relationship

Get as many leads as possible in the Ylopo Nurture System

  • Bring in your old leads, unused leads, social media leads, other leads from other CRMs

The most valuable lead is the relationship that is ALREADY IN that untapped database

  • We spend a ton of money on leads and they’re just sitting there!  

Automation is critical

  • Automated lead nurture tech will engage consumers and keep bringing them back

Automation saves your most precious resource - time.

  • When a lead starts warming up - we notify you!  We’ve broken down it down for you to: Priority, High, and Urgent leads  


BANC - Take me to the BANC

B- Build your database

A - Automate

N- Nurture

C- Close


We tell you what your lead is doing.  Everytime you get a Priority Lead Notification, you’ll know something that no other Realtor in your Market knows.  So if you don’t act on it - shame on you!

We want to know if someone’s favorited a home.  We want to know if someone has looked into a home or has been searching.  If you had an unresponsive lead 3 months ago and now they’re searching on your site and getting serious - we notify you.  

Closing Remarks

We always want to be your digital  billboard. You can customize this thing as much as you want and it won’t cost you $50K.  

  • We’re getting you - your team - your blog - your coming soons.  We’re giving you market trends - data. We’re always thinking about your brand.

  • Innovation comes from an amazing team.  We built our platform to scale

Chapter 2: Ylopo 101

[00:00 - 03:29] Introduction to Ylopo’s Technology by Juefeng Ge

  • The Evolution of Ylopo

  • Introducing Ylopo’s system, what it does, and what you should focus on

  • Ylopo’s first real estate client - Shana Gates

  • Phase 1 Ylopo (2016 - July 2017)

  • Ylopo’s technology is evolutionary and not revolutionary

  • Phase 2 Ylopo (Sep 2017 - May 2018)

  • Ylopo’s strength as a company is because we’re “relentlessly innovative”

  • Ylopo is getting featured in their 2nd Facebook Case Study

  • A third case study is also coming out - Facebook does four case studies every month for the millions of advertisers

  • Ylopo = Obsessed with Innovation + Ylopo = World Class Client Training & Communication


[03:29] Client Health Score Card


  • The goal is to show clients what they’re doing well, what types or pieces of technology they’re not using, how do they compare their lead nurture and marketing against all of their peers

  • How You Are Using The Ylopo System

  • The most important feature in the entire Ylopo system is relationship and database management

  • Ylopo Systems: Mass Import (05:33 - 18:43)

  • Importance of database marketing - reasons why it is a critical feature

  • Step-by-step guide on how to do a Mass Import

  • 239 clients who have more leads we can import

  • Ylopo Systems: Auto Import (18:44 - 22:47)

  • Lead sources where we currently auto import

  • Importance of the auto import feature

  • Barry - “Master of Automation”

  • Step-by-step guide on how to setup an Auto Import

  • 171 clients do not have any auto-import settings active

  • Ylopo Systems: Sphere Marketing (22:48 - 39:37)

  • Sources of Sphere Engagement - Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail/Email Client

  • Common reasons why clients don’t do Sphere Imports and the answers for those reasons

  • Step-by-step guide on how to setup a Sphere Import

  • 230 clients do not have any sphere marketing active

  • Barry: “These are people we already know. My agents are able to take friends from high school 20 years ago and text them. They already have that connection. This is a really really big deal. For those of you that do not have their spheres styled in, you are missing out on a massive opportunity for immediate engagement, connection, and relevancy.”

  • Ylopo Systems: Mission Control (39:38)

  • About 8% of the clients have never logged into Ylopo’s Mission Control - missing out on at least 50% of the features that we’re using

  • For long-time clients, we have created a Facebook page for them and we ran all of our ads on that page.

  • We were working with Facebook and integration to get all that into Follow Up Boss, but because of all the different issues that come up with privacy, they’ve halted that.

  • Using the client’s Facebook page for advertising

  • Marketing Command Center - where 90% of the technology of the Ylopo Mission Control is.

  • When clients run a Listing Rocket, they should run that with the objective of making your seller happy or running that ad specifically because you want to generate leads off of that type of listing.

  • If their goal is just to generate high quality buyer or seller leads, use the generic campaigns because they’re going to be more cost-effective.

  • Who’s Driving? Co-Pilot or Auto-Pilot (50:40)

  • Changing Active locations - Adding and/or removing cities and locations does not impact the client’s ad performance.

  • Lead Filtration Level (1:01:23)

  • Adjust Budget (1:05:22)

  • Notifications (1:10:41)

  • All the different types of ads Ylopo is running for the clients (1:13:00)

  1. Listing Rocket (1:13:00)

- Has a new category called “Launch”

- Every listing in Ylopo has a unique Ylopo number that is distinct from MLS

- (1:28:50) Ylopo is currently in a Facebook Alpha where they have essentially built a tool to easily convert all of your photos into a video ad. If the test gets proven in the next 30-60 days, Facebook will release a feature that will allow us to programmatically turn all of the ads into a video. With a video ad, clients have a higher engagement rate because people see something that’s moving but the registration rate actually decreases.

- (1:30:00) Generate Listing Rocket Report

  • Generating A Seller Report (1:31:55)

  • Generic Campaigns and Remarketing Campaigns (1:36:40)

  • What do the ads look like? - Videos showing 2 ways by which Ylopo runs the ads (1:39:45)

  • Facebook is making major changes to their targeting (1:45:45)

  • Custom Ad idea (1:49:54)


Client Health Score Card - Marketing Health Check (1:50:38)

  • Overview of Lead Generation and Marketing Analysis

  • Organically generating leads by yourself (1:51:25)

  • Overview of Lead Nurture and Agent Accountability (1:55:05 - 1:56:05)

Chapter 3: Setting the table for lead nurture

Setting the table for next discussion: Lead nurture

Manner, Mode, Process, Frequency

  • Manner

    • What is the manner of what we say and which way we say it

  • Mode

    • Phone

    • Text

    • Email

    • Push Listings

  • Process

    • What do I do?

    • What does my team need to do?

  • Frequency

    • How often are you applying the process


The 4 R’s

Right person

Right position

Saying the Right Things

At the Right Time


The 4 C’s

  • Curiosity

    • Ask questions that don’t end in a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer

      • There is a way to ask questions to get them to tell their story.  Become a better listener

  • Connection

    • Relate.  Identify with them.  

      • If I’m talking through a relationship, and the person is telling me their story, I’m going to connect with them by finding common ground.  “I had the same thing happen a few years ago..”

  • Consultation

    • You’re the expert.  They need to know that you’re the expert

      • “Based on my experience” -

      • “Here is what really helped me and my last client”

    • By being the ‘expert’ you are now segwaying into a meaningful guiding conversation.   

  • Collaboration

    • “We”

    • Create a mutually agreed upon plan

      • The goal is a Face-to-Face appointment



L - Long

T- term

M- Multiple

T- Touches


Think about every touch point and relationship.  Ultimately it’s YOU on the phone. You can say the right thing or the wrong thing.  


We provide automation for you:

  • Behavioral Texts

  • Remarketing

  • Algorithm Based Listing Alerts


Repetitive Touches continue the nurture process.  

Although this is automated, a little extra personal attention to this technology pays dividends.  Those who not only use our Tech but continue building a relationship with personal touches - have been successful with our Platform


F- Fast

S- Service Oriented

C- Consistently

P- Persistently

  • Fast

    • How fast can you provide your service?

  • Service Oriented

    • VIP

    • Concierge

      • (Sales Oriented vs Salesy)

  • Consistently

    • Winning teams are consistent

  • Persistently

    • Keep communicating!  Keep reaching out.

      • Die or Buy

Chapter 4: Barry's talk/panel on Lead Nurture

Barry Jenkins Calling Tips:

  • Less important to be good at it.  Just do it!

  • You win some, you lose some

    • Never Give Up. Stay Persistent

      • Barry made 70 calls in 2 hours before a relevant call

  • Help your client overcome obstacles

    • Create Clarity

    • Guide them to overcome their fear

  • Don’t just call 'to see if they have questions'

    • Ylopo provides Actionable Intelligence.  Use it!

      • Send them a home that you know they already viewed and say something like “I saw this property and I thought it would be perfect for you”.  Or send them something new! Something with similar bed count, square footage or in a similar are to what they’ve been looking at!

  • People are looking for Authenticity in their home journey!

    • Analyze

      • Give perspective and Guidance

    • Don't give information they can get off the internet themselves!

      • Provide Value

    • Be interested in the person you are talking to on the phone!

      • Create a relationship

If you don’t do these things - You leaving your career to luck


Verbiage Examples

  • “Hey Jack, I’m just following up and I don’t have this is my records - did you end up finding the right home?

  • “You contacted us a while back about a home you were looking for, I’m just looking through my notes and I’m not sure if we dropped the ball or if your needs were met”

  • “Wow, that’s great that you’re planning a year in advance (for leads who say they’re a year out from buying a home).  I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight, so I’m always blown away by people who plan ahead”

  • “A lot of people who own a home have a lot of anxiety selling it.  You don’t have to approach this with weakness.”

  • Top Agents will text the lead before calling and say “Hey, this is Barry with Better Homes and Gardens - I’m calling in 5 minutes”


ASSUME they are interested in Real Estate


Recommended Approach

  • 19 touches within the first 5 days

    • Alternate forms

      • Call

      • Email

      • Text

      • Video message

    • Alternate the person contacting

      • Alternate touches between you and your team!

        • “Hey!  I know Barry reached out to your regarding your Home Search.  I just wanted to circle back around to make sure you’ve been taken care of”

    • Alternate the time of day you call

      • 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm are golden slots because people are on their way to work during and have the opportunity to answer the phone

  • Drill Down Your CRM

    • Pull up the leads who’ve been most recently Active on your site but have been sitting in your database for a while (30-60 days old).  These are the leads who are really warming up

      • Actions speak louder than words

    • I’m not addicted to new leads.

      • I don’t have to spend money on new leads because I have 1500 old leads.  And for those long term leads - I’m nurturing them. So I’m not losing good leads just because they weren’t ready.


Final Barry Thoughts

  • Partner with that person (lead) at that very moment.   Encourage and Engage them.

  • Start calling more people.  If you’re like my team, you’re going to speak to 5% of your database

  • You just need to do it over and over again.  That is the principal of Lead Nurture.

  • You won’t be able to scale your business because you are not doing scalable behavior.

Chapter 5: Livia's presentation on Lead Nurture


A - 0-3 Months (right now)

B - 3-6 Months (how do we get these people to be A leads.  What is their obstacle)

C - 6-12 Months (These leads may actually be B leads

D - Billboard leads


  • A leads

    • Send relevant content.  Turn off Automated text messages.  Keep alternating calls, texts, and emails until establishing what kind of contact they prefer.  

      • Constant contact with these leads

  • B leads

    • Figure out how to get them to ‘A’ leads.  No complicated Action Plans. View these leads as you would ‘A’ leads.  

      • They just might be scared to make that jump.  Figure out their obstacle

      • These are people I would consider an ‘A’ lead

      • You can continue nurturing this lead with automation

  • C leads

    • Set up tasks for yourself to stay relevant to these leads

    • These leads receive automated texts and drips along with your scheduled follow up

  • D leads

    • These are the people who know other people

    • They are the happy surprises who know people who will buy

    • Don’t ever trash these leads.  You’ll still see these people in the priority leads notifications surprisingly


  • Get Comfortable with the phone call

    • The Agent must call

      • Put your name and face out their and make it personal. The first call should be by the actual Realtor (not a call center)

    • Shoot a text to let the lead know you’ll be calling them in 5 minutes

      • Now they’ll expect a call

    • Regardless of the conservation you can now categorize the lead

    • Have fun on the call!

  • Work Priority Leads!

    • This needs to be a daily activity!

      • In Real Estate - there is not a lot of consistency.  But with Priority Lead Notifications - there is consistency!

    • Rotate communication: (call, email, text, bomb bomb)

      • If you haven’t got them on the phone - do a rotation.  It’s possible that you haven’t identified their mean of communication yet

    • Keep leads in engaged. Reach out within 5 mins of receiving a priority notification

      • Use nudge texts

  • Leads who are working with Another Agent

      • Never talk to a lead who is under contract with an Agent

      • if they don’t have a contract and they’re coming to your site, you can assume that  they aren’t getting what they need

        • Offer to send the listing info to their Agent.  Most of the time, you’ll find that their Agent isn’t filling their needs

  • Put a positive twist on the lead’s response. It will help keep you stay engaged :)

  • Provide an IOV (Item of Value)

    • Think of something creative!  Send something relevant. Give them a reason to call..

      • Our team has an email labeled “Where are the Sharks?”  When you open the email, it says “The Sharks are in Cape Cod for the summer!  Check out our list of favorite Cape Cod beached!”

      • Send them the schedule for the local Farmer’s Market!  Something fun that isn’t Real Estate related

      • We can no longer think of ourselves as barriers of the data - because they have access to that.  So we need to provide additional value

  • If an Agent can’t reach a lead in a timely manner - reassign the lead

  • If you have a lead with a Bad phone number, you can hunt them down online!  

      • Linkedin

      • Facebook

      • A reverse lookup service

  • A personalized video message is an excellent way to get a lead to respond


Chapter 6: Setting the table for team management

Become a MAVerick

M - Measurement

A - Accountability

V - Visibility

  • Measurement

    • What gets measured - gets done!

    • Track your number of outreach vs engagement

      • Use the statistics in Follow Up Boss to measure follow up

  • Accountability

“A body of people holding themselves accountable to nobody ain’t nobody to be trusted”

    • If someone on your team doesn't want to be accountable, let them go.  Hold yourself and your team accountable.

    • Weekly, Monthly, and Annual accountability

    • How many Ylopo Priority leads are being responded to?

  • Visibility

“Setting goals is the first step to turn the invisible into visible” - Tony Robbins

    • Make your goals visual.  If you have a team, incentivise the goals

    • Create a Vision Board

      • Create a visual of your goals, aspirations, etc

    • Keep Agents on their toes by setting goals that they need to hit

      • Track your team’s performance somewhere your team can see


Chapter 7: Team management and development by Barry and Panel


I want to leverage myself. I don’t have time. Who is first person I bring on?


Brian:  Started with an Admin. Going back in time would have outsourced it

Barry: Hire someone you know. Maybe a stay at home mom.  Or an Agent in office who needs extra income. If you haven't started to scale - it’s because you are afraid.


Unique things you do to meet a goal?


Brian: If the team made their goal - we’d go to Tony Robbin’s conference.  Setting that goal made me realize that my team was motivated by things other than money.  

We started a point system (number of phone calls, closings, appts, etc) and each month, the agents get a chance to win 'Agent of The Month' along with some prizes. Now those agents are also setup for next month of success because the work they put in.


Barry: Our team did a Yelp review contest. Agents could win money if they had the most reviews.  But because of the contest, we actually received a higher amount of inbound leads!

I track their progress, but I try to  inspire the agents to be better than themselves and change their future.



Where do you do recruiting for new Agents?



Anthony: I don’t recruit.  People contact me to join the team.  They come from all different backgrounds and experiences.


Brian: I recruited the first 10 Agents to my team by teaching classes.  Any interested Agent would come up after and inquire directly to me.

I do, however, recommend: Stop over-representing your client and be nice to the other agent!  You never know who might be interested in being a “Partner” in the future.

Panel’s tips on how to get more Listings

  • Activate a more attractive listing for your Seller Report

    • Run a Seller Report right after you activate this Listing

  • Use the Seller Report

    • You’ll be able to show the Potential Seller how many leads have been actively looking at similar homes.  The seller can only access these leads through you.

  • Create more Listing Rocket Ads

    • The more you create, the more data you have for your Seller Report.  Also, you’ll have access to the Listing Rocket Report. So now, you can also use this report for future Listing Presentations

  • Don’t have listings to advertise? Ask others in your office! Tell them you will spend your money to help them sell the home

    • “Would you be interested in doing some co-marketing? Equal exchange, you market mine, I market yours”

  • If it’s not a great listing, don’t spend a lot of money advertising it

  • Show potential Sellers your Mission Control!

    • It’s a powerful piece of your Listing Presentation to show the potential sellers the Technology you have on your fingertips

      • Just sharing a listing isn’t effective anymore, but Ylopo will target people looking for your home

Chapter 8: Winning more sellers and listings with Ge & All star panel 

Tools you have to get more listings:

  • Activate a more attractive listing, run the report again

  • Or, say “this listing might not be beautiful, but I sold it this way, and I will treat you the same way

  • Don’t have listings? Ask others in your office! Tell them you will spend your money to help them sell the home.

  • Target 60-90 day listings

  • “Would you be interested in doing some co-marketing? Equal exchange, you market mine, I market yours”

  • Thursday Friday Saturday, or over the weekend?

  • You need the follow up system as well

  • If it’s not a great listing, don’t spend a lot of money on it

  • Show them your Mission Control, it’s the execution piece of your listing presentation


How panel gets listings:

  • Listing Rocket

  • Start talking about which demographic likes your home

  • Take screenshots of the options and let the seller choose

  • Add onto the standard template, targeting buyers, talk about listing rocket as how we do that demographic targeting

  • Dive deep into how we get in front of buyers, and how we make sure the right people see the house

  • What’s our typical buyer?

  • When I show them 47 buyers, I tell them these will be the people I call

  • What makes you different? Bring up the privacy issues proactively, and show them how that data lets us find the right buyer

  • Just sharing a listing isn’t effective anymore, but Ylopo will target people looking for your home

  • You only get access to these leads through me

  • Put the home on 300 websites? Buyers are on Facebook, Google and Zillow, and I can bring them in to your house

  • A smaller number of buyers is more believable than a huge number

  • Not many in this town, but many more looking in a nearby town, I can introduce them to your home

  • Facebook is the #1 or #2 most visited sites in the world

  • Americans spend an average of 51 minutes a day on FB

  • Aren’t you tired of people looking for your home that can’t afford it?

  • Print listing presentation portfolio and have a matching home

  • Out of area listing? Only advertise as much as will make the seller happy

  • International marketing plan, it’s part of Facebook marketing if you request it for a luxury property

  • We can use Listing Rocket to get higher end buyers

New stuff!

Bonded listing alert - if a listing triggers a priority alert, we will send alerts to leads for every change to this listing

-branded color scheme

-schedule showing request added

-new design template

-intelligent alerts for mission control - emails to let you know how to use features, budget updates, new feature releases

- find sellers to convert in the database

-set up a seller address in CRM or Stars, can set up alerts

- never get repeat content, designed to encourage clicks, but also engage leads repeatedly

-when they click, they go to our site seller experience, and require a Facebook connect

-confirm property

-data licensed from Altos research report

-market action index + buyers in the database interested in a home like this

-then they can register and become a lead in your system

-seller custom offers

-market trends

-listings in the area

-All included in your current license

-Separate product: Seller nurture product - identify homeowners via data verification in the database

-we will automatically send seller alerts to these leads

-Dynamic seller remarketing on FB, a live update market trends Facebook update with buyers in their market, and custom offers

$.50 engagement

-always branded to you

-beta testing next week!

-Access even more data!

-final phase is new lead generation for sellers

-seller lead gen will be very exclusive

-Unlimited Cole queries, but through us


Bonded listing alert - Monday for all

12 beta test - dynamic remarketing to seller database, lead gen, seller identification

-no emailed seller alerts - 2 weeks

- add address or zip for seller alerts first - also free

- upgrade requests for seller identification and remarketing - no lead gen

-lead gen will take longest

-Seller alert tab in Stars

-CRM options are more up in the air, possibly a tag

-how to use in salvage