Well, for me as an individual agent, it was super easy to buy Zillow  Realtor and what I found with those leads were there at the end of the sales funnel. You know, they thought about the subject somehow they came up with a price tier whether it's one hundred two hundred four hundred eight hundred thousand dollars. They know what school zones they like, a certain floor plan they've mulled this over long enough to where they see a house and like boom I want more info and so you're catching them at the very end but it's a super costly method of procuring business because the lead source.

It's like one hundred to two hundred dollars per lead and so for one person that's good at sales, it works great. The problem was now I had to learn how to scale. I had to learn how to generate enough opportunities and I couldn't. Most teams are like a join my team I will teach you how to knock on someone's door and hold it up in house and I'll teach you how to fish. If my team was going to work I had to fish for them, clean it, and just say go ahead like chop it up and cook it. And so  I had to learn how to generate business for a lower cost per click or lower cost per lead than Zillow Realtor offered.

Now I still utilize those portals at a much smaller scale, but once I went for four, eight, twelve, sixteen agents you know fifty leads per agent, you know that's about nine hundred leads a month and so I had to come up with different ways of doing that. And so when I went into pay per click, into that whole space and started looking at Facebook and Google in a big way I started to realize that they were early on in that process, as opposed to the Zillow lead that's late in the process.


And the challenge with it being early on is while it's a cheaper cost per lead you know maybe ten bucks, twenty bucks depending on the campaign the work that's involved in nurturing them was much more expensive. And so whereas one needed  a lot of money the other needed a lot of time and you had to figure out a way to marry both of those. Because your bills come every month and you need to be able to sell every month. And most people don't wake up one morning and say I want to buy a house today and so figuring out the P.P.C. subjects in a big way to where I was able to you know come up with systems and duplicate it over and over and over again were key.