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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Hey guys. This is Howard Tager, CEO and co-founder of Ylopo. Everyone asks me, “Ylopo? What the heck does that mean? How do you say it?”

Well, it’s Ylopo and it stands for the last five letters of the word “monopoly” spelled backwards, turning the ultimate game of real estate on its head.

So at a 10,000-foot level, what are you getting when you become a Ylopo client? Well, I sketched it out here. First we start off with home search. Every real estate agent going forward needs their own home search. They need their own IDX tied to the MLS. They need their own mobile optimized home search. Why is that? Because you don’t want consumers in your area searching on Zillow. That’s bad. That’s bad for business. You don’t want them searching on Redfin. That’s bad for business.

Even if they go to Google, they’re going to see Zillow and Trulia and Realtor.com. Very bad for business, Redfin, all these things, right? You want them searching on your platform all the time.

So you need really great home search. We’re always focused on improving the home search, creating a home search experience that your consumers love.

If they love it, they’re going to register for it and they’re going to keep coming back to it. They’re going to keep using it and guess what they’re not using. All these other sources who will steal your consumers away and push them to other agents in your market. So that’s a really, really critical piece.

But that piece has to get embedded into a branded side. Now one of the problems that we solve here at Ylopo is it seems that out there, you can get sort of a very inexpensive, templatized, branded site that looks like everything else out there and it’s not sexy. It’s not really customizable and it’s kind of like 2007 and not 2019. We want to look forward, right?

But then if you want a fully customizable, really sophisticated, super-duper-looking branded site, these companies are charging you like $5000, $10,000 and then they keep milking you for all these customization fees. It’s really terrible.

So what we did is we built a whole technology layer on top of the Squarespace technology where we can give you the best of both worlds. We give you a 2018, 2019, 2020 fantastically beautiful website, but it’s super easy to put together. It’s super easy to customize.

You’re in control. We can do it. We can help you with it and we’re not going to charge you an arm and a leg for it and that home search of course is embedded within the branded side and it allows you to grow from just yourself to a team and you could have individual pages for all your team members. You can have pages for your open houses, for your featured listings. It’s a place for buyers. It’s a place for sellers. It’s always going to get better. It’s really, really awesome and it will help differentiate you from the competition.

If they love it, they’re going to register for it and they’re going to keep coming back to it. They’re going to keep using it and guess what they’re not using. All these other sources who will steal your consumers away and push them to other agents in your market. So that’s a really, really critical piece.

Of course why everyone comes to us is they want a continued flow, a steady flow every day of great leads. They want to talk to consumers. I would almost rather talk about consumers. I hate the word “leads”. It also depersonalizes who we’re actually connecting with. We’re connecting with real people, real consumers, right? People that are starting families, people in the military, people who are seniors, who are trading down.

These are real people with real stories and that’s really what I want to talk about. So consumer generation, right? I will talk about real people, consumers and we’re generating these people every single day and we’re doing it a lot of different ways. Now one of the ways – of course we work with Google. All right? And we’ve been doing Google for a long time and that’s great. OK? But one of the problems with Google is again all these big players, they’re really dominating that first page of Google. That’s really difficult.

The other problem with Google is forced registration. You got a lot of companies out there. We’ve got forced registration. So consumers are ways more savvy than they were back in 2007. So they’re putting in Mickey Mouse and DonaldDuck.com or they’re putting in “5555555”. So we’re seeing a lot of bad biographical information with Google.

We’re super, super focused on Facebook, which is just growing and growing and growing and developing new and different and exciting digital marketing technologies all the time. These guys are a little bit stagnant. These guys, they’re on fire. They’re crazy.

So we have positioned Ylopo as so far ahead of the competition, being on top of this fast-moving media. The great thing about advertising on social media, the entire Facebook audience network, which is Instagram and lots of other places is that when we go out to a consumer, we’re getting them before they go and search.

So we’re getting in front of a consumer three months, two months, a month, before they go to Zillow, before they go to Realtor.com, before they go to Google. We can sniff out using predictive analytics and predictive marketing. We can sniff out when they’re a month, two months, three months out and possibly getting ready to search.

So we get in front of them. We get in front of them – you know, we know exactly what type of home to place in front of what type of person at the right time. So we prevent them from going to all these places. We prevent them from going to all these other realtors. We capture these consumers for you. OK?

So what we’re doing with Facebook is super, super sophisticated and we will drill down on that later. But just leave it be that if you’re interested in social media marketing, there’s no better place than Ylopo.

One of the other things that we’re doing on the lead generation side is something that we call “Listing Rocket”. I mean even if you’ve only had Listing Rocket and not all these other things, right? What we charge is so de minimis that you would pay for – just for Listing Rocket. Why? What is Listing Rocket?

Well, for me, I had kind of put three big buckets for Listing Rocket. One is – OK, what are we doing? We’re taking your listing and even if you don’t have a listing. Go borrow a listing from your associate. Go get a listing from your broker and say, “Hey, I’m going to advertise the heck out of your listing.” They’re like, “Great! Here you go.”

So we get the MLS number. All we need is the MLS number. We can pull it directly right from the MLS and all of a sudden, boom, we’re doing advertising. OK? Around that listing. But the coolest thing is that we run a whole life cycle of ads around just one single listing. We can produce leads, great quality buyer leads for like months and months and months.

Now the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to run a “New House on the Market” ad campaign right off that listing and that’s going to run. People are like, “Wow! Look at this house.” But we’re going to get the right house in front of the right people. We’re not going to show a home that’s appropriate for seniors to new and expecting parents and vice versa. So we’re going to get it to the right people and we’re going to get really super high click-through rates.

Then as soon as you go to your MLS and say, “We’re going to do an open house next week,” we automatically get that data from your MLS and then we run open house ads. OK? Now it’s a whole new ad.

So we got the same listing a whole new advertising campaign. So there’s no ad fatigue between these two different ads, right? We’re not running the same ad over and over again. We just write a second ad.

Now as soon as that home has been on the market for 30 days, we run it 30 days on the market ad. If it never gets to that point, great. You sold your home. Your seller is super happy. But if it is on the market for 30 days, we run it there. We can run a 60-day campaign and I know right now that homes aren’t sitting on the market very long. But what goes up comes down and what comes down goes up.

So at some point, these campaigns will be used more and more. When that listing sits on the market because your seller was a little bit sort of unreasonable with the price, we can then maybe do a price reduction as soon as there’s a price reduction.

Again guys, everything we do is automated. You don’t have to do a thing. We have your MLS number. It’s all automated. Boom, we’re running a price reduction campaign, a whole new campaign. OK? And of course when it goes pending sold, we then run a pending sold campaign.

So we’re going to keep creating campaigns. But number one, the most incredible thing about Listing Rocket is we generate a silly number of leads just off of one listing and if you get like a really nice high-end listing, high end for your market, guess what. We’re going to be generating consumers who are interested in a high-end listing, so super high quality leads.

Number two is keep your seller happy. OK? Keep your seller super happy. How do you do that? We have produced a one-touch report that you can run at any time that produces an amazingly beautiful infographic report that you send right to your seller or you go over with your seller and it shows them how much you are literally spending on social media via how many folks have seen their home, how many folks have clicked on pictures of their home, how many folks you’re talking to about their home and guess what. This seller is like, “Oh my god! I chose the right realtor. They’re so on it. They are fulfilling their promises of what they said,” and guess what. At the next cocktail party, who do they talk to? They talk to their friends and they say, “We’ve got the best realtor. Check this out.” Right?

So this one-touch infographics report – again, you don’t have to do anything. We automatically do it. It’s packed with information to make your sellers super, super happy.

Number three, the other thing we do is we have an automated listing presentation from Listing Rocket. So now you’ve run a few Listing Rockets with us. We’ve got all this amazing data, this great history of just how many clicks and impressions and views and likes in conversations and leads we can produce off your listings. So we created an automated listing presentation. You can use it on its own, in its entirety or you can slide it into your current listing presentation.

So number three, you’re going to win 100 percent of your listings. I don’t see any way that you shouldn’t win 100 percent of your listings, if you walk in with a Ylopo Listing Rocket presentation because it’s going to do two main things.

Number one, it’s going to show you – show the seller all the buyers that they have in the – in your database already, ready to buy that home. So we can automatically show them this is your type of home. These are the types of buyers we already have in our database. Of course Ylopo has been generating them and we’re going to show them your home right away.

So what does a seller want? They want a listing agent who has already got buyers. That’s going to happen with that seller presentation.

Number two, again, you’re going to show them the past Listing Rockets that you’ve run. You’re going to show them the power of what you’re going to do for them with Listing Rocket and they’re going to walk away from the listing presentation saying, “Yeah. Pretty much every other agent, they show me sort of a flashy brand. They – we just know they’re just going to put us on the MLS whereas I know with you, the Ylopo listing agent, that you’re actually going to spend your hard-earned money marketing this home and you’re going to get in front of 100,000 people, 200,000 people.

So you’re going to show this home far and wide in social media. So it’s massive lead generation off one listing. Keep your sellers happy and win new listing presentations. Listing Rocket is out of control.

Now the other thing we decided to do was instead of creating an all-in-one system, which I did a long time ago, ten years ago – I think all-in-one systems are very ten years ago. Now everything is about technology that talks to each other.

You know, the exciting thing is having a two-way API with a great CRM. So what we’re doing is not saying, “Hey, you need to be prisoner to our all-in-one system.” What we’re saying is hey, we’re going to integrate with Follow Up Boss. OK? We’re going to integrate with LionDesk and we’re going to keep building integrations with all these pure real estate CRMs that are out there and this gives you ultimate flexibility. This means you’re not a prisoner.

You’re in Switzerland, right? You can try Ylopo leads. You can bring in your Realtor.com leads, your Zillow leads. Try the new lead source, the new kid that comes on the block in six months. You’re not prisoner to this all-in-one system.

So integrating at a very, very high level with other CRMs is what we specialize at. So when you go into that CRM, it’s not just a basket of leads. You go in to Follow Up Boss or you go into LionDesk and guess what. One touch, you can see who are the leads that just came back today. Who are the leads that favorited or starred a home? Who are the leads that looked at a home four times?

So we do an integration that pushes these CRMs to a whole new level and no one else is doing that.

Lead nurture, I love, love, love lead nurturing. It doesn’t get talked about enough. Everyone just talks about lead gen. But lead nurture is where it’s at. Remember, there are two things we do really, really well.

One, prevent them from going to the portals, which then they’re going to get sold to other realtors. So we – the expression I use is we “head them off of the past”. Head them off of the past before they go to Google, before they go to Zillow, before they go to Realtor.com. You get them, right? But you want to keep them coming back because if you don’t keep them coming back, they will eventually go to Realtor.com or Zillow or Trulia or all of these places.

So lead nurture is critical. We do so many things. Again, fully automated. You don’t have to do anything. So lead nurture, of course we have dynamic listing alerts. What I mean by dynamic listing alerts versus static listing alerts, a lot of these other systems, they capture the lead. They know that they looked at let’s say, you know, a $350,000 home in the suburbs and they constantly send them listing alerts.

Ours is dynamic. So let’s say this nice couple was looking in the suburbs and they decided, “You know what? Too boring. We want to go to the city center,” and all of a sudden, they’re looking for a $400,000 condo in the city center. Our listing alerts will sniff that out. We’re no longer going to be sending them homes in the suburbs. We’re now sending them these really cool townhouses and condos in the city center. So dynamic listing alerts is really, really critical.

Where we really differentiate ourselves is in behavioral texting. This is where we have spent so much time, effort and money focused on – using artificial intelligence to read automatically. So you don’t have to spend the time.

We’re reading. We have algorithms reading automatically. What is the home searcher doing? And all of a sudden, these algorithms sniff out this home searcher looked at a home for the third time. Boom! What happens? We send a behavioral text right to that consumer on your behalf. You don’t even do anything and it says, “Hey, Jim. This is Mary and I’m Sarah’s assistant. We noticed you looked at 124 Main Street for the third time. Would you like to go see that home?” or maybe someone has been kind of dormant for a while. They haven’t really been searching.

All of a sudden, the husband tells the wife, “We really need to buy a home. We really need to move.” So the wife really starts searching. Well, all of a sudden, you don’t know that. We know that. Our algorithms know that. We pick that up and boom, there’s this low search activity and then high search activity. Don’t you want to know that? Well, we tell you that.

So again, we send a behavioral text. Hey, noticed that you’re looking at a lot of homes. Should we talk about what you really need? Price, square foot, all that kind of stuff. So we’re sniffing out all these things and not only are we sending a behavioral text – wait for it guys. This is amazing. But we’re also sending priority lead text notifications to you guys. So think about two things happening automatically.

Sending that text on your behalf to the consumer, engaging a conversation, eliciting a response. All of a sudden, you get a text back from the consumer. Yeah, I would like to go see that home or yeah, I want to discuss what I really need and you’re like, “Oh, man. Ylopo, that’s so cool.”

But not only that. We’re going to send you a text or the agent who’s assigned to the lead a priority lead notification. We’re going to say, “Hey, this person just made a show-and-request. Call them. Text them right away, so you know what’s up.

So these two things, totally automated, super, super, super cool. The other thing that we’re doing is very sophisticated, what we call “remarketing” and “retargeting”.

So, remember, we’re capturing all this information. We are the experts in Facebook marketing. We’re the only ones out there where we’re really taking all of the lead’s demographic information and we are combining it with all of their home search data. We’re constant collecting data on what they’re looking at, price range, location, their search patterns, combining with who they are.

We know everything about them, right? So now, we can go at any time into their newsfeed and we’re actually working with Facebook. Facebook is – we’re giving Facebook all the home search data that we are collecting and Facebook is doing – running their algorithms and they’re saying, “Oh, we should put this home from the MLS in front of this consumer at this time.” It’s amazing. So in this partnership with Facebook, they’re doing this crazy work with us. We’re giving them data. They’re giving us data and now we do this retargeting.

So all of a sudden, that couple that had all of a sudden shifted from looking in the suburbs to looking in the downtown city center, all of a sudden they’re on their Facebook and all of a sudden on the news feed, they see a brand new, amazingly beautiful condo in downtown and it comes right up on their news feed and we figure that out.

They click on it. They communicate with you about it. It’s super sophisticated, super exciting and believe it or not, this retargeting can bring people back at even a faster click than traditional listing alerts. It’s really, really cool and where we’re going in the future is getting into the Facebook Messenger where literally we can take this feed of homes and get it right into their Messenger and again, showing the right homes to the right people at the right time. So we’re all about lead nurture.

Now there’s a lot of stuff guys that I haven’t even mentioned here. So it can get a little bit overwhelming. Our understanding is that you guys don’t have time to do all this. This is the partnership. You guys have time talking to consumers, selling homes, showing homes. But you don’t have time to do all this.

This is all of us, right? But there is some training and education that goes on and that’s why we have Ylopo Academy. With Ylopo Academy, we have a huge amount or like a library of scripts and dialogues and videos, a full Ylopo one-on-one training course. Not only that, we have one of the best coaches in the business who is a superstar Ylopo client, who literally holds office hours every week and where we’re going in the future is creating a number of Ylopo coaches. We will just call them “Ylopo professors” where every client will get assigned their own Ylopo coach or their Ylopo professor and that’s where we’re going in the future.

So we’ve done a tremendous amount in a short period of time. We are definitely the new kid on the block. But we’re also a small company and we love being a small company. We’re not owned by any big conglomerate. You know, we are the guys working in the office. We own the company and one of the things that we pride ourselves on is amazing, amazing client success and amazing, amazing customer support.

I mean our clients will tell us all the time, “Guys, I called this other company and I don’t hear back. I call you guys and I get a call. I get an email. I get a text,” because – and they know everyone here by their first name and we know you guys by your first name and that’s like the best of both worlds, having state-of-the-art tech but also being that small company where we really dig in and work with you and have five-star customer service.

So I should tell everyone explore each of these pieces even more. Go to www.Ylopo.com, what we do, so to present and explore each of these pieces even more. Get on the phone. Talk to one of our business development folks. Talk to – especially talk to one of the Ylopo clients because they will really show you how they’re using our system to grow their presence in the market and crush it.

So I will be speaking to you all again. Thanks for spending time with me. Good luck.

Awesome Features Include:

  • IDX Home Search Site
  • Custom Branded Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurture
  • CRM Integration
  • Everything linked together
  • Constant Innovation
  • Full Automation
  • Full Transparency
  • Massive time saver