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How Ylopo Generates & Nurtures Leads

We’re going to go over how Ylopo targets the right person with the right content at the right time. We’re going to show you how we capture leads in such a way that we get the highest valid contact information rate, how we seamlessly integrate the entire experience for both consumers as well as agents, how we leverage dynamic remarketing technology to 2 to 3X the performance against industry averages and finally, how we scan your entire database of leads to figure out which are the hottest leads, the highest priority leads that you should be talking to at any given time.

Ylopo has done a proprietary integration with Facebook so it’s uploading a data feed of listings that are relevant to each consumer group.

As soon as the consumer clicked on a home that they’re interested in, we take this opportunity when we have the most leverage on the consumer because we’re capturing their interest, to get them to fill out a lead form and become a real lead for you.

Once a consumer clicks on the ad, a lead form pops up right inside Facebook. All of the information about the consumer that Facebook already has are going to pre-populate into this form for you.

After the consumer answered some qualifying questions and submitted the form, they will go straight into your home search experience.

While consumers are searching for homes, Ylopo is aggregating all of the data around their home search. We combine the data we get from their lead form as well as their data from your home search experience and send it right into your CRM.

One click from your CRM and you can go to Ylopo Stars, which will be your analytics engine to see exactly what listings a consumer has viewed and send push listings that are relevant to their search. This is how you’re going to stay connected to your leads.

If a consumer is someone who’s ready to buy real estate right away, when you use our technology, you’re going to connect with them immediately and you’re going to get a transaction.

But the vast majority of leads you’re going to get on Facebook are going to be nurture leads because you are getting in front of these people before they go on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com. And they are people who are interested in buying real estate in the next few months or years.

Ylopo does lead nurture better than anyone else in the industry because not only are we going to be sending these leads intelligent listing alerts. We’re also sending all of the data about this particular person and the homes they’re looking for into your CRM and into Facebook itself.

Facebook combines all of those signals along with the demographic data that they have about the consumer that no one else has. They use this so that the next time the consumer comes back on Facebook, they’re going to show them the most relevant listings possible to the search they’ve already done on your home search website.

“Dynamic remarketing” is three to five times more effective than the industry average for how you show real estate content to the consumer.

You are going to own the consumer’s news feed every single time they come back on Facebook. And with how many times an average US person goes on Facebook over a week, you're going to be a dominant brand and face they associate with value-added content right inside their feed about real estate.

Ylopo just doesn’t target one particular demographic group, but also targets dozens of demographics. It has an entirely different sophisticated process for marketing your own listings.

Ylopo solves the problem of getting overwhelmed when you have a lot of leads by constantly analyzing everything that a lead is doing. We’re looking at those signals to figure out which of these leads are the highest priority that you should be engaging with at any moment, and when someone does a behavior that exhibits that they are a high priority lead, we’re going to text, email and message you inside your CRM so that you engage those leads at the right time. That way, we save you both time and money when you’re converting your leads.

See what our Ylopo Clients are Saying

Awesome Features Include:

  • IDX Home Search Site
  • Custom Branded Website
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurture
  • CRM Integration
  • Everything linked together
  • Constant Innovation
  • Full Automation
  • Full Transparency
  • Massive time saver